About Us

The Beginning

I started my apprenticeship in 1986 as a vehicle body builder and 4 years later was qualified as a 1st Class Vehicle Body Builder. Then for the next 20 years, I broadened my experience working at a variety of different specialist body builders.  These included building buses, fire trucks, armour trucks, motorhomes and campervan conversions to name a few.



I always wanted to be a business owner, mainly due to my family owning small businesses while I was growing up. But sometimes we all have to do what we need to do at the time. So life, children and financial commitments all took a priority.  And as a single parent meant that I chose security and stability first for these early years. But the desire never disappeared.


The Pivot

I was forced after a work injury to reconsider my future and field of employment. So as a result I retrained in the area of Financial Services and received a Diploma of Financial Services. However, the stretch from my background to break into the financial services proved to be a bridge too far. So I moved into the office where I was employed as an Engineering Controller, for a truck engineering business.


The Rebirth

From here I was asked to join a vehicle certifying company as Assistant Engineer. The founder and the senior engineer were fantastic mentors and shared their vast knowledge.  This is where I learnt the compliance and regulations side of vehicle modifications.

After a brief project overseas involved in manufacturing 4wd buses, I returned to Australia to start my own business. Operating as a sole trader providing vehicle certifications and modifications approvals. I was also completing a Diploma in Engineering Technology at the same time.



I am the founder and managing director of Commercial Vehicle Compliance Pty. Ltd. We have a small team of Engineers and support staff,  with operations based in the south-east of Melbourne, Australia.


Currently licensed as,


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