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Sometimes it’s the nitty-gritty retrofit items that tend to be most useful in RVing. By combining the little comfort each item gives, your whole RV experience becomes a whole lot better. And Caravan RV Camping is just the right shop for these!

With an average star rating of 4.7 (out of 5) and a whopping 136 well-known brand partners, Caravan RV Camping surely is a trustworthy one-stop shop for your RV component needs.

And just in case you’re curious: Caravan RV Camping is Australian-owned and has been in the business since 30+ years ago, thus establishing itself as the largest online shop for your RV needs.

Still not convinced? Well, you might finally give in with this fact:


Caravan RV Camping are proud partners of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia and the National Online Retailer Association.


I believe you’re now convinced enough. Moving on, you’ll find their products categorised in these areas:

  • Appliances
  • Power & Electrical
  • Awnings, Screens, Mats & Covers
  • Plumbing, Tanks, Bathroom & Toilets
  • Caravan Accessories & Towing
  • Doors, Windows & Cabin Fixtures
  • Gas Products & Parts
  • 4WD & Vehicle Accessories
  • Camping & Leisure

That’s quite a vast range, isn’t it? Caravan RV Camping goes beyond just supplying you with those items. Each delivery is insured, and you can even track its status online real-time! But of course, online shops won’t be interesting enough without good enough deals.


Available Discount Deals

Aside from free shipping and some free accessories, Caravan RV Camping offers the following discounts or sale promotions:

Battery Bundles 26%
Battery Charger Bundles 29%
Power System Bundles 5%
Solar Bundles 25%
Fridge Bundles 32%
Generator Bundles 21%
Awning Bundles 21%
Tent Bundles 21%
Fridges 35%
Air Conditioners 22%
Heaters & Hot Water Systems 21%
Washing Machines 39%
Covers (for both caravans and RVs) 32%
TV & Audio 24%
Batteries (for both caravans and campers) 24%
Battery Charger 34%
Power Systems and Bundles 21%
Inverters 23%
Solar Panels (for both caravans and campers) 29%
Generators 31%
Fridges 28%
Iceboxes 43%
Vehicle Lights 20%
(e.g. tent, stretcher bed, portable gas BBQ, etc.)

The deals listed above are in effect at the time of writing this bio. Just check out their webpage for any changes or new deals.


Other features

Have you got any family members, relatives, friends, employees or acquaintances who love travelling? Then this might be your chance to make them the happiest traveller on their special day:


Caravan RV Camping offers $20 to $300 vouchers which you can gift to your travel-savvy buddy or even award as prizes during events.


What else is there to doubt of? Just imagine the shipping costs that will accumulate in case you have to buy several items from several stores. Moreover, you will have to contact those stores separately. So why not do it in one go if you can? Whether you are building your own RV, modifying one, or you just need to get a new part – head over and have a look around.