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When it comes to power supply, no one can deny that it is indeed essential, especially for travellers of all types – from the occasional ones to the grey nomads. Hence, your power supply must be sufficient and reliable always. That is where My Generator comes in.

An Australian-owned online retail shop, My Generator commits not only to providing you with premium products but also to deliver expert advice and personalised service as traditional retailers do.

Eight years since their business was established, it’s just amazing how far they’ve come. As proof – they are currently a member of the NORA network and are in partnership with 200+ brands to supply 6700+ products. Of course, not all these are purely generators.

While they primarily focus on different types of power supply such as generators, batteries and solar panels, they can expand to other products like appliances, hardware, accessories and camping tools. In summary, they supply products under the following categories:

Generators & Power Caravan Appliances
Off-Grid Solar & Appliances Hardware & Accessories
Power Equipment & Tools 4WD & Camping
Caravan Power & Electrical Boating & Marine


Comprehensive, right? But more importantly, since they care for you enough, they do not allow the products to reach your hands without being accompanied by comprehensive warranties.

And if it’s spare parts that you’re worried about – no worries! My Generator has a strong core in supporting their customers with their spare parts needs. So you can only expect the best and complete service.

What else is there to know about My Generator?

Well, you won’t want to miss this information:

My Generator is more than happy to match the price of the exact brand and model which you may have found to be cheaper on another store. This is not a bad deal considering My Generator’s well-established warranty offers and excellent customer support services.


In case you’re a newbie traveller or one who is just allergic to Math, My Generator has got you covered! With their online calculators coupled with step-by-step guides, you will be able to compute the size of the generator, solar panel or battery you will need. And that is just in addition to other resources they provide regarding everything that you have to know about power supply.

Being able to compute for the right size of your power supply is part of saving yourself from sudden inconvenience later on. Particularly in the case of generators, being able to choose the right size and model plays a major part in keeping you safe from any hazard. It is as important as knowing how to properly use your generator when camping.


Lastly, My Generator offers $50 vouchers for you to gift to someone who dearly loves travelling. Talk about being practical.


My Generator Discount Deals

Now to entice you further, here’s the most exciting part:

My Generator offers various deals and discounts too! From free shipping to free accessories, sale and promotional discounts, My Generator have it all. But just like any other discount promotion, it takes a great eye to grab the greatest deal you could ever have – one you’ll surely regret to ignore. As of the time of writing this bio, they have up to a 38% discount off their RRP.

So why don’t you head straight up to their Sale & Specials page now?